Thursday, October 5, 2017

Halaqa # 85

Muharram 15, 1439

Year 4
  • 14 Sisters: 11 in person, 3 virtually     
  • 2 Junior Sisters
  • 4 Junior Guests

Location: Headquarters
Agenda: (please note, we have included many links where you can read in detail more on each subject)

Sister Maryum read:

O Allah, bless this Halaqa, allow us to gain, act upon and share beneficial knowledge. Guide us, forgive our sins and grant us Jannah with our families and loved ones.
O my Lord increase me in knowledge*.  رَّبِّ زِدْنِى عِلْمًا   Ameen

We listened Sister Noora recite Surah Al-Humazah, then practiced our own recitations.  

Sisters who do not know Arabic were encouraged to follow along the Arabic letters and Sisters who know Arabic were encouraged to improve their recitation.

The above link has both the recitation by Sheikh Husary and the individual word pronunciation (click on each word) for learning Arabic.

Sisters who practice their reading in sha Allah will have an opportunity at the next Halaqa to have a sister listen to their recitation. Please arrive at 10am sharp in sha Allah in that case.
Tajweed rule

Sister Dania prepared and presented our Tajweed Rule.

We listened to the Surah Humazah again recited by Sheikh Husary at the end of our Tajweed lesson.

Alhamdulillah, Sister Noura has volunteered her time and expertise to teach sisters
Arabic and Tajweed.  Please contact us if you would like to take advantage of this
generous offer.


We read Surah Fatihah aloud altogether, then sisters individually read aloud a few letters/words, ayahs (according to her ability and with the help and encouragement of her fellow sisters). We read Surah Yusuf from Ayah 38 to Ayah 43.  In sha Allah, this will be an ongoing part of our Halaqa and one day in sha Allah, we will have Khatam Quran and begin again.
Sister Megan read an English Approximation (Sahih International) of the above verses.

We have chosen to use Tafsir Ibn Kathir.
Volume 5 Page 167-170 (From our library shelf)
Sister Rim read  “The Interpretation of the Dreams”.
You can view this tafsir online: Link
Sister Marwa read “O’ Allah!”  
  • Calling upon Allah in times of distress
  • Calling upon Allah in times of joy
We have this book in our Library (it is currently borrowed, but you can submit a request to
borrow, in sha Allah)
Sister Rehab read a Summary of Chapter One.
  • NEXT HALAQA and News

In sha Allah, our next Halaqa will be on Thursday, October 19th at Sister Sara's place.

We discussed starting an online Halaqa Forum.
  • Are you interested? Is there a need?
  • Online format
  • Email options:
    • No email: web-only participation
    • Abridged Email: one summary email of new activity per day
    • Digest Email: up to 25 full new messages in a single email
    • All Email: send each message as it arrives

  • Dua al Ghayb

Sister Izabela led a Dua for a Convert sister who is experiencing some difficulty. To read her beautiful Dua, click here.

Images Courtesy of Chic Craft Design Instagram & Facebook

Sister Maryam read  the Introduction: My Amr page 12/13
Sister Winnie read an article she wrote:
(postponed to next Halaqa in sha Allah)

We watched
The Beginning and the End Introduction  Sheikh Omar Suleiman (3:03)
For the expiation of sins, said at the conclusion of a sitting or gathering. To listen to this dua

196 - "How perfect You are O Allah, and I praise You. I bear witness
that None has the right to be worshipped except You. I seek Your
forgiveness and turn to You in repentance."

سُبْحـانَكَ اللّهُـمَّ وَبِحَمدِك، أَشْهَـدُ أَنْ لا إِلهَ إِلاّ أَنْتَ أَسْتَغْفِرُكَ وَأَتوبُ إِلَـيْك

Subhânaka l-lâhumma wa bi-hamdika. Ash-hadu an lâ ilâha illâ
anta, astaghfiruka wa atûbu ilayka.

If any of this information was good and true, know that it comes from Allah subhanahu

wa ta’ala.  If there are mistakes we ask for Allah’s Forgiveness and Mercy.

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