Thursday, November 20, 2014

Learning Arabic ~ An Amanah Sisters Initiative

An Amanah Sisters Initiative

  • Classes Database

Recently Amanah Sisters emailed a link to an online intensive course for learning Arabic.  This info was shared with us by one of our Alumni members.  Frequently, we do get requests from sisters about classes for learning Arabic.  Some would like in-person classes or private tutoring and some are more comfortable in an online setting.  Amanah Sisters would like to build up a database of various locations for learning Arabic and we would like our members to participate in this endeavour.  If you know of a class happening, please reply in the comments below or send us the details in the Suggestion Box on the right of your screen.. Alternatively you can forward the details to our email address.  Classes can take any form and be for any level.  In sha Allah, we can build up a selection of options for our members to look through.
  • Learning together project

Amanah Sisters are proposing a “learning Arabic together ” group for like minded sisters who would like to learn Arabic from the comfort of their home. Amanah Sisters would like to see if any of our members are interested in joining with other sisters to follow along an online course (from our database) jointly. We could share notes and our progress with our fellow students and occasionally meet either in person or online.  Each sister could proceed at her own pace, yet knowing that she is part of a group. Also, this group would utilize  “native” Arabic speaker volunteers who could act as personal tutors to help with issues of pronunciation etc. Of course, this is only a proposal and would be further refined depending on the interest shown. Let us know your thoughts and ideas so that in sha Allah, we can further refine this project.

  • Teaching
The Learning Arabic together project described above would require “native” Arabic speaker volunteers who could be called upon by the students when specific questions arise or to check pronunciation etc.  This could involve as little as touching base with one specific sister or being in touch with multiple sisters etc.  By using a pre-existing course, your involvement would be simplified to just augment what is taught online. This could even be conducted via phone.  If you want to get involved or have other thoughts/ideas for this project, please get in touch with us.

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