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Halaqa # 30

Shaaban 28, 1436
Ramadan Countdown

Year 2
  • 8  Sisters
  • 2 Junior Sisters
  • 2 Junior Guests:
Location:  Headquarters (upstairs)
Agenda: (please note, we have included many links where you can read in detail more on each subject)

O Allah, keep me safe until Ramadan, keep Ramadan safe for me, and accept it from me.

We read Surah Fatihah aloud altogether, then sisters individually read aloud a
few letters/words, ayahs (according to her ability and with the help and
encouragement of her fellow sisters). We read  Surah An-Nissa  from Ayat 15  
till Ayat 44 . In sha Allah, this will be an ongoing part of our Halaqa and one day
in sha Allah, we will have Khatam Quran and begin again.

Sisters shared their research on the names of Allah chosen the week before. Click on each name to read more.

Sister Lamiaa

The following words are heard especially in Ramadan.

Bab Al-Raiyan
The name of one of the gates of Heavens (Jannah) through which the people who often observe fasting will enter on the Day of Judgement.
Eid Al-Fitr
Three day festival marking the end of Ramadan. It takes place on the 1st of Shawwal, the 10th month of the Islamic calendar.
Compensation for missing or wrongly practicing necessary acts of worship. Fidya usually takes the form of donating money, foodstuffs, or sacrificing an animal. Contrast with Kaffara (making amends).
Breaking of the fast immediately after sunset. Iftar takes place at Maghrib as soon as the Call to Prayer (Adhan) is called.
Start of the fasting time. Imsak begins when the first light of dawn becomes visible, and ends at Fajr when the Adhan is called.
I'tikaf refers to the religious practice of spending the last ten days of Ramadan (either wholly or partly) in a mosque so as to devote oneself exclusively to worship. In this state one may go out of the mosque only for the absolutely necessary requirements of life.The minimum period for i'tikaf is twenty-four hours. I'tikaf is not valid if one is not keeping the fast or if it is done outside the month of Ramadan.
Kaffarah means atonement, expiation.
The Night of Power,' concealed in one of the odd nights in the last ten days of Ramadan; the night on which the Qur'an was first revealed by Jibraeel to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and which the Qur'an itself describes as "better than a thousand months."[Al-Qadr (97:3)]
The ninth month of the Islamic (lunar) calendar.
The meal taken before sun rise.
The Arabic word for fast. Plural: Siyam.

In sha Allah, we will be holding two halaqas during the month of Ramadan.
July 2, and July 16 .


Advice for non-fasters:  
Some of us may not be able to perform some or all of the fasting this month. This could be due to various reasons such as post-childbirth, breastfeeding, medical issues, etc.  We then wonder how can we make Ramadan meaningful and beneficial?  First recognize that this is by the design of Allah, swt. Not fasting for legitimate reasons is showing obedience to Allah.  We should accept His decree and wisdom in this. It is not a time to be down, or sad, rather, embrace this time, and fill it with Faith-Boosting activities.

Ramadan is a time to grow closer to Allah, which is certainly something we all can do, fasting or not.  Non fasters just have to put their focus in areas other than fasting.  Simple as that.  We can excel in those other facets of Ramadan in sha Allah.  

Ramadan is a blessed time, a unique time where our acts of worship are given extra reward, so make your utmost effort.  Try to think of something special that is out of your normal routine that you can do this month.  Make sure though that you make sincere intention and dua that Allah, accepts this act of worship from you.  Here are some suggestions from the Halaqa sisters:

  • Visiting the Sick
  • Studying Tafsir in Depth. Here is a link: http://www.altafsir.com/
  • Praying Tahajjud and Tarawih
  • Making Tasbeeh throughout the day
  • Increasing your Dua’s and Seek Repentance
  • Eating Healthier
  • Volunteer at the Masjid
  • Give Sadaqah
  • Cook/Bake  for fasting people
  • Helping those who fast.

Finally here is an interesting  article called:


Sisters all enjoyed welcoming Baby Boy and congratulating his Mom.  A lovely selection of sweet and savory foods were enjoyed by all.  

Sisters present participated in a pre-Ramadan Goal Planning Activity. We each had copies of the following sheets then discussed the questions and filled in our own choices.  Sisters were also given a few print-outs that will in sha Allah help with planning and keeping track of our goals for Ramadan.  Please know these are only suggestions to be modified to suit your own personal circumstances and style. You can click on the links and print off your own copies in sha Allah


Sister Winnie came across the following article she thought we be of interest and use to our members:  Preparing for Your First Ramadan


Things You Should Know Before Ramadan Tips for New Muslims

with an accompanying article click here

For the expiation of sins, said at the conclusion of a sitting or gathering
To listen to this dua click here

196 - "How perfect You are O Allah, and I praise You. I bear witness that None has 
the right to be worshipped except You. I seek Your forgiveness and turn to You in repentance."

سُبْحـانَكَ اللّهُـمَّ وَبِحَمدِك، أَشْهَـدُ أَنْ لا إِلهَ إِلاّ أَنْتَ أَسْتَغْفِرُكَ وَأَتوبُ إِلَـيْك
Subhânaka l-lâhumma wa bi-hamdika. Ash-hadu an lâ ilâha illâ
anta, astaghfiruka wa atûbu ilayka.

If any of this information was good and true, know that it comes from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.  If 
there are mistakes we ask for Allah’s Forgiveness and Mercy.

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