Sunday, August 23, 2015


As salam alaikum dear Sisters,

Amanah Sisters are holding a Picnic this coming Sunday, August 30th, in the 
afternoon from 3-5 pm, in sha Allah. We will be meeting, insha Allah, inside the park
at Douglas Kennedy Headland Section which features a boardwalk, picnic areas with a
playground and splash pad nearby. This is a children friendly event, in sha Allah, some sisters will  bring along some fun toys for them to play with.
If you would like to bring a food/snack/dessert item to share with those who attend, 
please do.  Water and Juice will be provided in sha Allah, as well as plates napkins etc.

Spread the word and invite other sisters to attend as well.  If you need help
with transportation, let us know in the comment box, and insha Allah, some of our members can help you out.

Please click on this link to learn more details and RSVP.

Looking forward to you joining us for a fun-filled afternoon in sha Allah :)!

Ma'a salama
Amanah Sisters

Event Team

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