Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sisterhood Survey Results

Here are the 10 replies we received to our simple survey:

  • Being honest
  • Bonding with women who share your values and often your faith, who sincerely wish the best for one another and encourage each other when encouragement is needed, who motivate and inspire one another to be the best versions of themselves while also accepting and forgiving each other's faults. It is an unspoken bond between women which is essential to their well-being as women can understand and support one another in a very unique and fulfilling way when judgement and ill-will is eliminated from the equation. Sisterhood is essentially a blessing built upon our sincerest efforts/intentions towards one another.
  • Comfort and support
  • sharing and inspiring, parting sincere advice, empowering, empathizing, and growing stronger together for the sake of Allah!
  • Loving for your sister in Islam what you would love for yourself. Forgiveness, being there for each other in ways we are able to. Bringing out the best in each other and encouraging the good when we see it. Sisterhood in Islam is both beautiful and unique because you get to share a bond that transcends blood, kindship, distance, and race.
  • Precious
  • True friendship and family I left back home
  • Family
  • friendship and mutual support
  • Supporting each other and sharing knowledge for bettering ourselves

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