Thursday, October 20, 2016

Why "Sister" Winnie?

Dear Sisters,

You might have noticed that I try to refer to our members using the prefix sister and that I myself use that prefix constantly.  You might have even wondered why?  So, I thought I would try to explain the reasoning behind this and hope you will share in my fondness for the term “Sister”

Many years ago, a few months after being blessed with the greatest gift in the world, The knowledge and belief in Allah, The Most High, I began a teaching position at the Islamic Elementary School in Mississauga.  At that time, all the female teachers were called “Sister” ( and then their first name).  This practice was done by  the students, teachers and parents.  It was special.  By this small gesture, I felt now part of a huge family, the family of Islam.  This word “ Sister” constantly reminded me of my Islam and my bigger family.  

So when Amanah Sisters was just starting, it was a conscious decision to renew that practice of referring to my fellow female Muslims as “ Sisters”.

Even 29 years on, the students I occasionally see still call me Sister Winnie. It is something that we were all ingrained with.

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