Thursday, November 3, 2016

Let's Learn Arabic Survey Results.

  • Let's Learn Arabic Survey
What obstacles do you face with learning Arabic?(4 responses)
Lack of local qualified teachers and programs for in person options. Time constraints with everyday life, work or family duties and other crucial priorities.
Not being able to travel and immerse myself in an Arabic-language environment. You can learn it in the west but going to Arabic-speaking countries brings it alive.
Lack of time to dedicate to improving my Arabic
Procrastination, fear of failure

What advice would you share with sisters wanting to learn Arabic?(4 responses)
Du'aa. Consistency. Support group.
Learn fus-ha (classical or Modern Standard Arabic), not a dialect. Fus-ha is the language of Qur'an. If you learn it first you can learn a dialect afterwards - it's easier that way round. The best gift an Arabic teacher ever gave me was to make me learn the plural of each new vocabulary word. You don't want to know how many patterns of the "broken" (irregular) plural there are! But if you learn the plural when you learn the word, it's less painful in the long wrong, and you will eventually begin to see the patterns in the language. Check out Studio Arabiyyah online - one of my offspring is learning fus-ha with it and finding it very beneficial.
Try to use both conventional and unconventional methods. Attending a class and working out of workbooks is always recommended however once the basics are in place and even minimal understanding has been achieved try simply reading the Quran, perhaps with a Quran with a read-aloud pen or follow-along app; emerse yourself in Arabic environments with those who might speak Arabic fluently or try watching Arabic shows and follow the story, even kids ones. It takes lots of dedication and also patience with yourself so always ask Allah swt for his help and ease.
Make Dua Just start and make a very small commitment per week. That way, it will be too easy not to get done. Then, slowly as time passes, increase your weekly commitment and in sha Allah, you will start to see actual progress. In sha Allah, with a good intention, that little effort every week will bring rewards in this world and the next.

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