Thursday, December 1, 2016



What are the top 5 thoughts or inner dialogue that you think or say to yourself that put you down?
(4 responses)
I am so far behind...... I am so tired..... I should not have done that..... That was stupid..... I failed.....
I'm not pretty enought for people to want to be around me/befriend me; I don't carry myself in a put-together way which makes people take me less seriously (don't have it all 'together'); I have missed so many prayers I'll never get into Jannah; on the same note, I've sinned so much Allah can't possibly forgive me; I find difficulty sticking and being consistent with certain tasks which likely means there is no barakah in my actions
Don't know what I'm talking about Don't have time to do these things I've done enough
- you are not good enough - you are not doing enough of (a list of any number of things) - you are not doing this right - you are a failure - you are not good at anything
What are 5 positive and self-care ones you can tell yourself instead or think to replace the above?(4 responses)
Focus on one step at a time, and you will catch up eventually. Take a short nap to revive yourself. Acknowledge your mistake, apologize and repent (if needed) and move forward. No one's perfect, See the humor in situations and focus on improving. Everyone fails, but the important part of failure is to keep trying.
True friends and those who love me unconditionally will look past my looks and care about me anyways, if they don't then I need to accept myself and move on; I can continue trying and striving to improve the way I approach life and Deen, perhaps with sincere intentions I will get past this phase of my life and on to something better if Allah sees my intention, reading motivational and self help books might help and increasing the amount of Quran and worship and thikr I do will raise my iman and the barakah in my actions
It's important to try even if I don't get the result I want.
- you are enough - you are special - you are blessed - you are loved - you are capable - you are strong - you can grow from emotional pain and heal your heart

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