Thursday, December 15, 2016

Meeting Allah, (The Ever-Living) Survey

iRFOvHAar3D_XOlOtbzMvxqkJKQWblL1zlbkmsV-ndsy9vTajMzNALJeAg6jYTO-JynfHsom9wIf you knew you'd pass away and meet Allah (The Ever-Living) tomorrow, what would you have wished you've done before your time on earth is over?(4 responses)
Prayed every salah with more khushoo'. Acted and practised any knowledge I gained. Cleansed my heart of any ill feelings or negativity in any shape or form. Memorized and recited more Qur'an. Did more khayr and good deeds (towards my family, others, myself, the Earth, animals). Lived my life to my true potential. Worked towards a project to count as Sadaqa Jaariyah after my death. Did Sillat Ar-Rahim (ties of kindship) to all my extended family members.
The thing that comes to my mind is how I've wasted time. A few months back I figured out that I have about 5 hours per day to spend in personal pursuits. Now a few months later I look back and think how all that time has been wasted with nothing gained. When I say gained, I mean, something meaningful and fulfilling, something that would be pleasing to Allah, the Most Kind. In sha Allah, I will benefit from this question in that it will be a starting point to refocus my life on growing closer to Allah, the Most Forgiving, by various methods; using those hours consciously.
Where can I start? I would have wanted to do everything better and spent more time in prayer and fasting and in remembering Allah. I would have taken the time to contact all my family members and chat with them and hug and kiss my kids and husband.
Alhamduillah just now I was thinking and these were my thoughts that I should do my share of deeds and things that will please Allah. Also when I will be questioned for all Naimat that Allah has given me I have no right or best answer hence I will do my best to do all goodness that I can act on and then maybe there will be some right answer InshaAllah.

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